A deep thought not by Jack Handy

The False Self is broken. As for mine, I am tired of trying to "fix" it. We always want to fix broken material objects by putting them back together to restore material wholeness. This is the only way we conceive of healing: to restore a material broken state of being to its prior state of being, assuming the object was that way to begin with. To this, the Apostle Paul more or less says, "no, let's not fix it; it's better for it to die."

There is a new kind of wholeness that originates from outside this dualistic paradigm; the only one we conceive of, in which we focus on the material and its brokenness. We say the pieces are separate or are together, and we keep trying to fuse them into one. However, this new form of wholeness that originates from outside that paradigm, works from a transcendent position. The transcendent became material (incarnation), and applied itself to our broken state of being on the cross, without restoring the brokenness to its prior state of being. Thus, the cross is the height of signs - displaying and ushering into the material, this new form of wholeness that exists, while leaving the pieces separated (for now).

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